A great (and very accurate) perspective of a major element of game collecting – the backlog. Mine is ridiculous and I can see I’m not the only one. Great work BN!


Ah the curse of a lot of fellow gamers out there, the backlog, a catalogue of games in our collections that have yet to see the light of day. Despite having maybe over 100 games I have yet to play, that doesn’t stop me adding more to the collection. It’s a blessing as well as a curse. We have a collection of amazing games and limited time to play them all.

For me my backlog started, and continues to grow for the same reasons, bundles and sales. I collect mainly from car boot sales (similar to garage/yard sales in the US) and therefore pickup a lot of bundles. While a great way to collect, for my wallet at least, it also has the downside of getting a lot of games at once and not always having the time to play them all. The following week the same thing happens, rinse…

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