As you may have figured by now if you’ve read my previous entries or tweets etc. I enjoy a good, old video game hunt as much as any other hardcore video game collector.

I have noticed it leads to responses on Twitter as to wanting to see purchases, suggestions on places to go and opinions on the purchased games. This shows the hunts aren’t just fun for the hunter, but also for their audience.

On top of that it’s fun to see what you might find while on a hunt. You’ll inevitably see FIFA games (which isn’t a bad thing when you’re collecting them), but you’ll find bargains, way overpriced games and random but relevant items too (I found Tetris cookie cutters a few weeks ago…)

I recently did a hunt nearish to where I live but going a little bit further out. I found another American DS game (Cooking Mama for £2 so had to grab it) and FIFA 14 for the Xbox 360 for £4.00 (way overpriced). But it shows the variation in what you may find. These were, of course, all in charity shops so paying more isn’t a bad thing if the money is going to a good cause.

Hunting charity shops can help fill or build a collection with quality titles on a budget, allowing even those with smaller disposable incomes to have games they really want to play and are proud to own. I myself found Wii Sports Resort for £1.50 while out on my most recent hunt.

Wii Sports Resort I found in Dartford in a charity shop for £1.50 on a recent hunt

Another thing with hunting round charity shops is that it can just give you a day out while following your hobby and passion. On top of that if you can do it alongside fellow collectors it can help you to network and make the day more fun.It can also give you an excuse to go to somewhere different or that game store that you’ve been meaning to visit for the last 6 months.

The problem with a video game hunt is that it can get expensive and logistically it can be a nightmare, especially if you rely on public transport (trust me I’m an expert on this 🤣🤣). If you plan ahead though and stick to a preset budget then you can still have fun regardless of these potential issues.

Wherever you’re next game hunt takes you and whatever you manage to find, have fun and good luck!

Thank you for reading, let me know on my social media or in the comments what you manage to find on your hunts 😊