It’s lockdown time here in the U.K. as it is elsewhere in the world.

Firstly, I just want to say: Stay Safe.

Next, I just want to note that for now I will just share a link as embedding the video isn’t exactly stable when I try to change the link… This will change ASAP though.

As a gamer though and unable to go out and pick up new games I decided to focus on ones I already have available. Only issue is I am at my girlfriend’s house and thus unable to access most of my own personal collection. Therefore these games I show are ones taken from my girlfriend’s GameCube collection (thankfully she’s a gamer too!)

As such these games are the GameCube games I will be playing during the lockdown. These thankfully include some of my personal favourites on the system anyway, and would have been included if I was sharing my collection instead.

Which of the games in the video is your favourite? What would you recommend I try and play/find after lockdown?

Thanks for watching!

See the video here