Lockdown Pickups for the Sega Master System

Part 4 of my video game pickups series is different to the others in two ways: 1) it is limited to a single console and 2) it is a multi part sub-series as such.

I picked up many Master System games during lockdown as part of my goal to complete a PAL Master System set. As of 24 September 2020, I believe there are 269 officially licensed games of which I have 91, so about a third.

Prior to lockdown I believe I had about half of that so the set definitely grew during lockdown. Of course, as I want a full set I will not stop there and will look to add more over time, possibly going for 100 by 1 January 2021.

The video below shows just some of the games I have picked up in that time, more will be shared soon.

The video can be watched at https://youtu.be/qO2obJpGtqw

Thanks for watching and let me know what you think of the games in the comments section, or any suggestions you have for ones to keep an eye out for.