Hey everyone, hope you are well.

Firstly I want to apologise for a lack of updates bar the review over Christmas. I haven’t been great lately to be honest, I’ve been exhausted both mentally and physically. Although I feel alright mentally as in I’m coping ok, I’ve just been extremely tired and without much motivation to do anything to be honest. I do have a fair bit of leave from work between now and the middle of March so this should change.

There has been some swing though with this, over the last week and a half I have been undertaking a massive revamp of my bedroom/game room, and although not finished yet, is much further towards how I want it than it was. Doing it now also means I don’t have to do it while on my leave and can relax which is what I really need.

I have also taken another change to try and get away from this at the start of this year and have done further research into this – I have started streaming playing games. For now, it is only my Xbox One as I can stream to Twitch directly, but I am looking to extend this to other consoles such as my Switch, and if possible older consoles.

My Twitch channel can be found at: https://m.twitch.tv/thatukgamer28/profile

A permalink can be found amongst the links at the top of this page (although there’s sadly no symbol for it).

So far I have streamed Sonic Adventure 2 and Star Trek Online, but plan to stream Halo, Star Wars Battlefront, GTA V, FIFA and other games.

When I start streaming other consoles I will update this site.

Either way, thank you so much everyone who has visited this site and watched a stream or YouTube video or anything to do with That U.K. Gamer. It is much appreciated, and there is plenty more to come 😊