Pokemon Turns 25 – What Do I Think Will Be Announced?

Pokemon Day this year isn’t just any birthday for the popular franchise, it marks the phenomenon becoming 25 years old (not that I can believe it!) We know that there is plenty planned to mark the occasion:

  • Virtual concert with Post Malone
  • The song Electric starring Katy Perry
  • The special 25th anniversary set of McDonalds Pokemon cards
  • New Pokemon Snap

I think it’s safe to say that plenty more will be announced and it is likely there will be an announcement of some sort either on Pokemon Day (27th February) or in the preceding days.

This celebration of some kind has become a tradition – Sun and Moon were revealed on Pokemon Day in 2016 and Sword and Shield in 2019.

The question is: What do I think will be announced?

Video Games

2020 was technically the first year without a new main series video game since 2015 when we got nothing between Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and Sun/Moon. Yes we got the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLCs but they were just an expansion to an existing game rather than being separate releases.

Promotional material for Pokemon Sword and Shied from the London Pokemon Center in 2019

I think 2021 will be different to this though. It has been rumoured very heavily that we will be getting remakes of the 4th generation games Diamond and Pearl. Personally I think this is pretty likely as this also marks the 15th anniversary of the original Japanese release of the Nintendo DS games. I also like the names of Eternal Diamond and Infinite Pearl as they correspond to each respective game’s theme of time and space. I’m not sure we’ll get a full announcement though but perhaps a teaser or maybe just a name. This is because remakes tend to get announced over 4 or 5 months before release, and this is being based on the traditional winter release. This could also change though.

I’m also expecting more New Pokemon Snap news but also another game out of nowhere as such. What this could be I’m not sure but after the remake of Mystery Dungeon last year, I think we will see a spin off game get a revival like a Pokemon Ranger game (if they can somehow work out how to do the capture mechanics). My personal hope would be an updated or new Pokemon TCG game, especially as the trading cards are seeing something of a resurgence at the current time. Alternatively a new Pokemon Stadium style game would bark back to the old Pokemon times while bring a fresh approach to the franchise.

The Japan exclusive Pokemon Stadium for Nintendo 64 – this is a cut down version of the Western version of Pokemon Stadium which was known as Pokemon Stadium 2 in Japan (for reference the Western Pokemon stadium 2 is called Pokemon Stadium GS in Japan).

The other item is rereleases of old games. Rumours of a Master Collection of the Game Boy games has been announced and personally I would love this, Pokemon Ruby for the Game Boy Advance is one of my overall favourites of any game. I think this is quite likely but I have no idea to what extent. I have to say being able to play them on Switch would be amazing though!


The current Pokemon Tv show has had Ash Ketchum and his main companion Goh travel around all the regions seen in the main games so far. I think this will continue but would personally like to see some anime exclusive areas such at the Orange Islands visited, just to reference its longevity.

Protagonist of the Pokemon anime: Ash Ketchum of the Kanto region.

Various old character have come back already in the series and we know that there are more to come from the current Japanese opening (don’t worry I won’t give away any spoilers).

Personally though I think we could see the following at some point (not listing characters who have already come back):

  • Brock
  • Misty
  • Tracey
  • Sabrina
  • Gary
  • May
  • Max
  • Norman
  • Dawn
  • Paul
  • Iris
  • Cilan
  • Serena

Please note I could be horribly wrong though 🤣

I think we may also see a potential rerelease of the anime on home media/streaming services.

Trading Cards

I’m sure most Pokemon TCG players are well aware of the McDonalds anniversary set following scalping stories and several claims about adults hoarding dozens of Happy Meals to get the set (btw I’m not joking about dozens, at least one significant Pokemon YouTuber openly bought 100…).

One of the most recent Pokemon TCG sets – Darkness Ablaze. I can’t remember what I pulled in these packs though!

I think we will get more sets and this has sort of been confirmed. I personally believe that this will take place with region based sets but I also think we may see reprints of old cards (my personal hope is the original Charizard – I love that card).

Other Items

I think we will see more announced including the below:

  • Spin-off manga series corresponding to a visit all region approach like the manga
  • Pokemon toys and figures of characters from the series lifetime
  • Music collections – songs and game music from across the 25 years

There are a lot of potential avenues for celebrating Pokemon’s 25th anniversary but we won’t probably know it all during the Pokemon Day celebrations, and some may be announced throughout the year.

I believe we will get a new main series game (likely a Gen 4 remake) and a spin-off or two as well as locations and characters appearing in the anime and more opportunities to watch past series and movies. I also think we will see special celebratory trading card sets and cards outside of the McDonalds ones and other releases such as toys and music from across the games and regions.

Either way what I do know is that whatever will be announced will be awesome (especially if it’s announced on Pokemon’s birthday of February 27th as mine is February 28th!)

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed the article. What are your predictions for the anniversary? Let me know by leaving a comment below or posting to my social media (links at the top of the page). Also make sure to keep an eye out on YouTube as I’m going to do a special video on there for Pokemon Day too.

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