So you may be wondering what’s happened with the YouTube videos?

Well, to be honest I’ve had a lack of motivation in that regard but I came back with a bang on Friday 30 April (link at bottom of this article)

My friend and fellow gaming YouTuber Koopa’s World hosted a livestream showcasing his recent pickups and invited me to appear as his guest as I had announced I may do one soon.

Lo and behold, we did the livestream featuring some amazing pickups on both parties (including the 3 in my recent story) but all the pickups can be seen on the video below by using the below link.

Also, as a note, I’m working on a couple of YouTube ideas (including shorts) so they’ll get uploaded soon with articles here and I have some articles in development exclusively for the site and I hope you like them!

Thanks for watching/reading and make sure to let me know what you think on the video and comments section!

Koopa’s World pickups livestream where I was the ‘mystery guest’ – watch here