Pokemon Cards Are A Big Thing Again (And It’s Not All Positive). Also an announcement.

Please Note: Contains External Links

Ah, Pokemon cards. A classic from my childhood with the starter deck with the 1st edition holographic Machamp card. The only way to get it at the time.

It seems that in recent months the card game has had a resurgence which has unfortunately negatively impacted those who enjoy collecting them for collecting a sake. As well as the much publicised PS5 and Xbox Series X being the target of scalpers, Pokemon cards have been targeted. This has led to a higher level of difficulty in getting some sets than normal and in America the removal of cards from stores like Walmart due to safety worries. I am so glad that I don’t live in America so at least I can find cards on store shelves!

A video I’ve recently recorded and will soon upload shows me opening the Bunnelby Mad Party Shining Fates box

Here are links to a couple of Eurogamer articles which further show what has gone on. I highly recommend reading these as they help to show how bad the situation really got.



Thankfully though I have been able to get cards through a couple of local stores but mostly through the U.K. based Chaos Cards, whom I am not paid by but can highly recommend from previous experience (https://www.chaoscards.co.uk). As I have been able to get cards (both old and new sets) I have been able to do a couple of things I have wanted to do for a while:

– enhance the collection I have had since I was a kid (and I think with my original Machamp from when I was a kid!)

– implement opening packs and sharing my collection on here and my other social channels, recently including my YouTube channel (https://youtube.com/c/ThatUKGamer)

Me with another one of the recent lots of cards I bought – the Dedenne Mad Party Shining Fates box

Although I have been on and off with collecting (partly due to financial restrictions) I have been actively collecting again since about early 2019 before the whole scalper issue began (thankfully). This has allowed me to gather a decent recent collection and helps show the evolution (see what I did there?) of the card game over the last few years.

All that being said my main point is this: I have wanted to provide variety on here, my YouTube channel and other social media and have decided to implement my love of Pokemon card collecting and so you may see entries on here for this alongside the video games. You may also see Yu-Gi-Oh! cards too if that’s your thing (Blue-Eyes White Dragon has been my faithful servant for nearly 20 years now…)

Not the original, but a version of my beloved Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Now hopefully the scalpers will disappear and I’ll be able to buy some packs without having to wait for prices to drop from what is basically extortion…

Bonus Feature:

I actually published my first video on the YouTube channel of some pack openings, so I’ve decided to share it here

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing Pokemon (and Yu-Gi-Oh!) card collections and openings? Have any requests and if you collect, what is your favourite card and/or set?