I’ve taken the decision to shrink the size of my video collection, and to be honest, I feel better for it

So, to be blunt, once I realised one thing I knew there and then that I had to reduce my collection. I was in CeX and saw Luigi’s Mansion for Gamecube, a game I have wanted to own for a good while (and yes I know I could get the 3DS one but it’s not the same thing).

The issues though: I didn’t have much funds to buy the game (it was about £30) but also the space where my GameCube games are was full, and I couldn’t get any more space in the room. Buying so many cheap lower quality games I would never play had taken up all the space and funds I could use for Luigi’s Mansion.

I came to the conclusion that I needed to reduce my collection for two main reasons – money and space. Two big factors for all game collectors. Without money its a lot harder to acquire games (but not impossible) and without space you have nowhere to put them. Thanks to all those game hunts and to be honest a low standard for buying games (especially Wii and the DS, and previously PS2 and Xbox) I had not very much of either left.

Once all this occurred to me I made the decision to reduce my collection. Particular focus so far has been placed on the Wii and Wii U but will also shift to other consoles. That’s not to say that every system is going to be affected. I’m still going for a full PAL Nintendo 64 set and a full PAL Master System set.

I also realised that I could use the games that were already in my collection to help me not only create space but get funds for the collection. I could trade/sell games in my collection to go towards funds for games I really do want. So I did.

I’ve already cleared a load of my Wii games (and some others) between donating to charity shops, trading in at CeX and my local retro game shop. I also learnt through CeX that a lot of cheap games traded in can lead to a fair bit of trade credit. I traded in about 50-60 games and got just over £100 in credit. Which disappeared right away.

Before I come back to that, I want to add that I decided to use this reduction to allow my collection to become more personal in terms of titles (I.e. ones I actually want as they have a personal meaning or I want to try it etc rather than ones I would never play). Effectively quality over quantity.

Taking this into account I took that credit I had and looked in the CeX store to see what was there. After trading in about 60 games, I bought 4 replacement games which as you can guess saved a lot of space. Instead of many Wii games such as All Star Cheerleader and Chronicles of Narnia, I now had Captain Toad and Mario and Sonic at the 2020 Olympic Games for the Switch and Metroid Prime 1 & 2 for the GameCube (games I had been meaning to get but were about £20 each minimum).

I also traded other games to the retro shop which have helped me add Nintendo 64 games to my collection and Sonic games for the Sega Saturn, again games I actually want.

As a result of this I now have space for games on any console (and will have more when I finish), have upgraded the quality of games in the collection and added more games I actually want to play; as well as changed my game hunting behaviours which leave funds for the games I want, even if they’re more expensive. Note: I will still go game hunting but be more picky about what I buy.

I feel so much better with my collection for this and can’t wait to see what my collection will look like when the project is complete.

What are your thoughts on this? What is better – quality or quantity? Could you even get rid of games from your collection?