The Time Has Come

That U.K. Gamer has been around for 3 and a half years now and firstly I want to thank everyone who has ever supported me, be it on here, my YouTube channel or any of my other social media.

But as time goes on I change, and that means things related to me change. That includes That U.K. Gamer.

That does not mean that change is bad though. Change can be a good thing – a football team can pull off an unlikely survival from relegation by changing manager or a card game can be changed by changing your normal tactics.

That is what is happening to That U.K. Gamer. But this is not a change, it is an evolution. One like Eevee which has the potential to become many things – except this will become many things at once.

Firstly the name will change to reflect this change. It will no longer be That U.K. Gamer. Instead, it will become The Geekmaster.

This will reflect my broadening content focusing on Geekery rather than gaming specifically. Video games will still play a huge role in my content – but there will be greater focus on anime and manga, trading card games, board games and maybe more.

Secondly, this means the aesthetics will change too.

This will mean the brand’s logo will change into an as yet undecided design. This will be featured on the site as well as the YouTube channel and other media.

This may further be prominent on the site through the colour scheme (not 100% decided yet) and if possible a name change to the site. This will be advertised clearly on the site.

This will also mean new pages and content will appear on the site such as specific areas for manga etc.

Finally, with more content to choose from and more of personal interests on display, content will appear more frequently on here and elsewhere. Again, just make to check the channel and socials for updates and the new content.

If you have any thoughts on this process or ideas you’d like to see covered, please leave me a comment here or one of my other socials (links above).

Thank you all for your time so far and here’s to many, many more years and interactions together!