It’s been a blast, but all good things must come to an end (or must they?)

I’ve been collecting video games as a hobby for about 6 or 7 years now at least, and playing much longer. Through that time one thing has become associated with myself: FIFA.

I’ve built up a fairly large FIFA collection consisting of FIFA games across multiple years and multiple systems, originally the goal was to get one of each physical copy – even on each console (eg I would get FIFA 08 on Wii, PS2 and Xbox 360 etc). I got a long way there and have no idea how many now.

However, life changes and so do circumstances. I still have a strong passion for video games, both playing and collecting, but I feel that maybe some of the fun of collecting is disappearing. It’s not just that – money and space concerns are also important and need to be considered, they are after all why I started reducing my collection in the first place.

There are so many FIFA games in the main series that they take up a lot of space and in some cases are getting quite expensive. I’ve got lucky and been able to get some rarer copies but not all and to do so would cost quite a bit. To be honest that money could be much better used or I can think of other games I would rather spend it on.

I also have other hobbies and things I like to collect but the space for these has been restricted my the game collection. Recent reductions have allowed me to facilitate these other collections a bit (mainly Pokemon cards and board games), but I’m still restricted with most space belonging to my games.

It is after considering all this that I have pretty much decided to abandon going for the full set and to reduce what I already have. Part of me does not want to, and until I have considered it more I will still hold on to it. But at the moment, my mindset and thought process is towards reducing the FIFA set.

Note though, I say reducing the FIFA set and not completely getting rid of it. That is because of 2 key reasons: 1) I still enjoy playing FIFA and want to keep copies to play, likely mostly on my Switch and Xbox 360/One. 2) When it comes to the FIFA collection from a collecting point of view I currently have a section of my room dedicated to a specific part of the collection. This collection I have a much stronger connection to and feelings for, and that is for my rarer games (eg FIFA 13 on PS2), my foreign games (including some region exclusives) and the older games (eg on Amiga, Mega Drive etc). This part of the FIFA collection will be staying regardless and potentially grow, but will still be scrutinised for refinement.

So after all that, I can’t say for definite that I will reduce the FIFA collection, but I can definitely say that it is under consideration and definitely that it will always exist in some form but what that will look like is unknown even to me.

Thanks for reading!