There are many versions of the classic board game out there, this is my take on it. Or at least, the start of it…

Ah, Monopoly. A game that seems to have only grown in time and is likely recognised around a vast portion of the globe. A game that seems intent to hit as many markets of interest as is physically possible. A game that makes you want to play it, even if you’re a cheater or sore loser.

I think by now that everyone who owns a copy of Monopoly owns a variant edition, or at least has played one/knows of one.

My Manchester United Monopoly, circa 1999

What’s made me think and write about this? I’ve recently started becoming more interested in board games and one of particular interest to me is Monopoly. This has made me even more aware than I already was of the special editions that exist. While renovating (clearing out) my bedroom/games room/man cave I found my copies and some (to me anyway) interesting versions.

For example, I am a huge football (soccer) fan and have supported Manchester United for nearly 30 years. As such I own a Man Utd version, but an older one from about the turn of the century. But this got me wondering what other versions exist. As a result I now own 3 more football versions, all World Cup ones from 1998, 2006 and 2010. I also found out versions exist for lots of other clubs and for English Premier League seasons from 1998-2000. Who knows what other football ones exist…

World Cup 1998 Monopoly

Of course, there are plenty of board games that cover huge industries such as football. I own a France 98 Word Cup Trivial Pursuit as well (bonus point if you knew that existed). But Monopoly takes things further. Much, much further in fact.

There are versions of Monopoly focused on specific areas of the world, even ones based on specific towns in England such as Carlisle or Colchester. There are versions based on video game brands such as Zelda, Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog (more on video game versions in a future part). There is even a version called Unicorns vs Llamas (seriously! it’s on Amazon U.K.!)

From all this I think it shows that the Monopoly brand must be one of the most diverse (and future parts of this article will fortify this belief) brands out there when it comes to reaching target markets.

And long may it continue!!

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Part 2 soon!