The GeekMaster

Formerly known as ‘That U.K. Gamer’


I am a gaming enthusiast from the U.K. with a special interest in Nintendo, Sega and foreign video games.

That U.K. Gamer is about sharing my passion and love for the art of video games, both old and new.

My first system was a Sega Master System Mk 2 with Alex Kidd in Miracle World built in. I also got Sonic 2 at this time. This started a love for gaming, Sega, the Master System library and Sonic the Hedgehog who is my favourite gaming character of all time. This has partly led to my desire to own a full Master System collection.

I moved onto a Nintendo 64 at Christmas 1997 and this led to a relationship with Nintendo gaming that still thrives to this day. In fact, the Nintendo 64 has become my favourite console of all and as with the Master System I hope to one day own a full PAL collection (currently at 100 games).

I own PlayStation and Xbox consoles too and prefer the Xbox over the PlayStation any day; however, I do appreciate how successful they have generally been and that there are great games on the systems.

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