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Latest Pickups

As a video game collector and player, I will regularly pick a new game (or 5) up that I want to go towards a set or to just have a go at.

On this page I will be sharing my 5 most recent video games that I have picked up with a brief description of each.

Please note that every now and then, this may include video game merchandise or game guide/book instead.

Another version of the very first FIFA game and an addition to my collection, this is probably the most obscure entry I own being for the Panasonic 3DO.
A classic from my childhood but on the Master Games 1 bundle. I now own it, along with Wold Grand Prix and Columns, individually on the Sega Master System. Happy days!
I’ve only ever played Snowboard Kids and SSX for snowboarding games. I’ve also thought these were the snowboarding equivalents of Tony Hawk games, for 20p I’m gonna find out one way or another!
I think it’s safe to say Thunderbirds for the PS2 is a blast from the past (see what I did there 🤣). One of the classic TV shows from my childhood (the 1992 airing, I’m not that old!) and despite the bad reviews I just had to have this game 😁
Two for the price of one here with two FIFAgames for the PSP. Yes, I’m including games such as EA’s World Cup and Champions League games for the collection.
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