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Favourite Gaming YouTubers

Although I have my own small YouTube channel relating to video games, there are many other fantastic less known gaming channels out there who are worthy of recognition.

I would like to give a shoutout on this page to those YouTubers to share their wonderful content with the world.

These channels are full of entertainment, generous and knowledgeable people and retro and modern video games to the brim.

Please find links to their YouTube channels below along with a description of the channel. I promise you will not regret it 👍

If you do check these channels out, then thank you 😁 Also keep a regular eye out as new YouTubers will be added!

Finally, I would just like to say thank you to the below YouTubers for giving me permission to use the attached screenshots.

Gurnaldinho Plays

Watch here

Gurnaldinho is knowledgeable on the Xbox 360 and has taught me lots about games on the system (and I’ve had mine since 2007!) He is going for a full set and as you watch his videos you really start to realise the amount of determination to achieve it and the amount of games he already has.

His videos are really entertaining and he regularly finds some great bargains in charity shops and CeX (just check out the pickups videos!) There are also videos covering playing old games for the first time in many years (and which lead to many video responses) and updates on his quest to reach 1,000,000 gamer score.


Watch here

You know a NathRetro1 video has started when you hear classic Alex Kidd in Miracle World music start to play upon selecting a video. That immediately caught my attention but that’s another story…

Filming from his ‘Gaming Cupboard’ he regularly shares his latest gaming pickups from charity shops, Cex and boot sales (sounds familiar from somewhere…) and you can see the joy at picking games up there. I also detect a penchant for collecting Sega Saturn games (not a bad option at all).

Pete Fighter II

Watch here

Pete Fighter II has one of the most iconic intros to his videos I’ve seen with that classic 90s PlayStation loading music. You really get a feeling that you are about to get hit by a wave of retro games.

The videos include game pickups, a vlog of creating his new game room and video responses. He has recently decided to collect more cartridge based games and go for a set of Tengen releases and stands out as a collector of loose games.

The Retro Bear

Watch here

The Retro Bear has a gaming pantry (his words) where he houses a large number of games over many systems. Notably he has a large ‘Wall of Wii’ behind him to be admired.

He has many gaming pickups (he is a bargain hunting master) and also has gameplay videos (check out his gameshow gameplay series), collection videos and recently some unboxings. He also won Small YouTuber of the month for October/November 2019 (I don’t know which month it was for but not sure anyone does…)

Retro Games Revived

Watch here

It is common knowledge that Retro Games Revived is one of the most generous members in the gaming community and watching other people’s videos shows this. On top of that you can see his dedication to collecting with an aim of a complete PS2 set and the regular start of new mini sets (especially for the Commodore 64).

The channel has a real retro feel to it with retro graphics and sounds in the video intros and then classic gaming music in the background. His videos of setting up his game room were also entertaining and well worth a watch.


Watch here

As I’m sure you can see from the photo below, RollerXCore (the X is silent) has a lot of games and especially PS2 games. I’m sure you can see that not every game is for the PlayStation 2 though with a myriad of others behind him (and some cool posters too!)

Pickup videos are a regular occurrence on the channel with some fun and interesting stories behind them and I promise you that you will learn a thing or two about gaming history too.

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